Practical Details

Buying a painting is done with a few clicks via the on-line gallery Saatchi-Art which has well established procedures for transport, ensurance, right of returning, printed versions of the paintings and so on; to have a look simply click




The price of a painting is generally determined by the quality of the imagery, the size of the work and the amout of time it has taken to create it.

Because of the method used, including the necessary repeated contemplation on the theme of the painting, the time to accomplish the art-work is inherently longer than usual, and actually not known at the beginning of the work.


The digital reproduction of a paintings on your screen is always less than the original work – in this art, however, this is even more so, because of its use of plant pigments and because the spiritual working of the object is so much stronger in reality than on a computer screen.

For the same reason I normally advise not to use glass in front of the works on paper, in order to experience the working of the painting the more.


I have also done and do Christmas-cards, photography, murals and large scale paintings.

Generally, I offer the work without framing or stretching. If you would like to have a painting delivered framed or stretched, please get into contact.


If you have any questions, please contact me through spaan (at); you can write in English, German or Dutch.


I have put a lot of effort in establishing a good port-folio before going on-line, therefore a choice of works is available in stock and can be shown upon request. The reason for going on-line is that I want this kind of art to be available to as many people as possible, from all over the world; especially in the times we are now experiencing. Culture must and will live, may this art contribute to that.


Warm greetings, Frank


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