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Get to know the art of the Swiss based Dutch painter Frank Spaan, creating art for more than three decades, and specializing in plant-based water-colour on paper.


The latest exhibition, including sales, ran in Dornach/CH until 19 Juni 2022, the flyer is shown further down.


A selection of art work is shown below; for more of this go to the other slide-shows which are shown here


contact: spaan (at) lanz-spaan.ch

The paintings have found their way into private collections in the Netherlands, England, Switzerland and Canada. There have been solo exhibitions in England (Steiner House, London), and in the Netherlands (Zeist Castle), as well as group exhibitions in Switzerland (Goetheanum, Dornach). Sizes vary from post-card to 12 m2.


Because of their spiritual character, the art you see here works particularly well in a space in which a contemplative, peaceful atmosphere is envisaged; for example a medical practice, a meditation room, a religious space or similar.


Spirit is real in art, and in the works shown here it has a strong connection to the object. This is established through the special way of working which has been developed.


All about this way of working, including a book you can order, is described here.


More biographical details can be found here.


For practical details go here.


Contact: spaan (at) lanz-spaan.ch